Voting has started


So at this writing, it is October 12th and voting has now started.

This is why you should vote for me to be mayor.

1. Taxes. I believe they are too high. Mayor Clumpus believes taxes are not high enough. We need to seriously review our expenses and spending priorities.   We need to expand our tax base through attracting new residents and new business.  I will work to make this happen.

2. Road, bridges, sidewalks. I believe these should be a priority. Given the taxes we pay these should be properly maintained.

3. Winter maintenance. I believe that snow should be appropriately cleared throughout the municipality. And I don’t think you should have to wait until Monday to get your snow plowed.

4. Our parks and public spaces. I believe that we should have access to them all year. The current mayor made it illegal for 6 months of the year. You can actually be fined up to $5,000.00 for enjoying the public spaces that we own.

5. The Library project. With estimates now over 8 million to move the library to an old grocery store – it makes no sense to me.  The building is older so likely has a limited life span and we paid too much for the property.   I would revisit this.

6. Community centres and public buildings need to be made affordable to the people who use them.

7. I believe that water and sewer rates are too high and need to be reviewed.

8. The Recreational agreements with Owen Sound and with Blue Mountains should make services affordable to all and we should not have to jump through hoops to meet a means test.

9. I would save Grey Gables, not close it as Clumpus decided. And I would enable more long term care facilities.

10. Appropriate development. I would not put up road blocks in front of developers and would ensure that development would actually happen , not just on paper, and I would ensure it be suitable to our community.

11. Policing. I would choose contract over non-contract, increase the police presence in our Municipality and make sure we have a say in community policing priorities.
I need your vote to make positive change.

Vote Jim McPherson for Mayor of the Municipality of Meaford.

Author: jimmcphersonformayor2018

Jim McPherson has a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Concordia University and a Bachelors of Journalism from Carleton University. He is a former councillor known for his hard work and standing up for all citizens in the Municipality of Meaford. Jim has worked in both the private and the public sector, with experience in land development, fund-raising, health care and retail. He and his wife Karen have two boys – Jeffrey and Edmund. He currently enjoys working as a school bus driver.

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