Repeat Performance

Article and letter
This is not the first Meaford election that an anonymous blogger has messed with
During the years leading up to the election, a number of anonymous blogs, including the one discussed above have been appearing on social media. I have been and still am the subject of many of these false rumours, innuendos and fake news items.  ‘Anonymous’ sources should not be believed. They are anonymous, they are false and they are spread by malicious cowardly malcontents.
Someone is trying to ‘bork’ me.
bork/bôrk/verb – US informal
  1. obstruct (someone, especially a candidate for public office) through systematic defamation or vilification.
    ““We’re going to bork him,” said an opponent”
For those readers who have forgotten the  facts and for those who are new to the area, here is the truth.
In the 2010 election a nasty anonymous blog came up attacking Francis Richardson, anonymous that is until about a week before the election at which point it claimed to belong to a friend and supporter of mine, Kerry Riley, which of course it did not.  Now the fact that it was a venomous rant characterized by the Municpality as “libelous” did not prevent its sudden credibility in the matter of who it claimed its author was.  Threatening legal letters were sent without any proof about the blog’s source and before any attempts at verification.  A check with Google (like the Sun Times very quickly did) would have told them that “…users can choose to display any text as their name,” (see above article – October 16, 2010) but the Municipality did not check and Kerry was forced to seek legal help and to clear her name.
continuation of article above
Various letters were sent back and forth and eventually the Municipality obtained a court order to unmask the owner of the IP address that the blog belonged to.  On November 19, Bell revealed it to be David Free (see above letter), a disgruntled former employee.  Unfortunately it was too late.  The highly expensive and litigious Francis Richardson won the election by just over 200 votes, a fact we are still paying for.  Interestingly, the Municipality never made the blogger’s identity known publicly.
So, folks, if you don’t know the name and you don’t know the person don’t give it your time.  Don’t trust people who hide in the shadows behind false names or no names at all.  Don’t let people like that decide election results.
I stand behind what I say and believe.  I walk these streets and drive these roads.  You know me and who I am.  If I say something you can believe me.  You have met me, you have seen me in action.  Through all these attacks, through all this bullying and terrible behaviour I have stayed the course.  I like to think I have proved myself and shown the man I am.  I have not backed down.  In fact here I am running again, even after the online assaults, the slanderous email campaigns and ridiculous legal shenanigans.  Because I know just how important this all is.  My character is known so you can know that when elected I will serve my community, defend those who need defending and change what needs to be changed.
Do not give attention to those who will not even identify themselves and cannot be held accountable.  You don’t know who they are, you don’t know what their motives are and you don’t know who or what they are working for.  One thing you can be sure of — they’re not working for you.

Author: jimmcphersonformayor2018

Jim McPherson has a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Concordia University and a Bachelors of Journalism from Carleton University. He is a former councillor known for his hard work and standing up for all citizens in the Municipality of Meaford. Jim has worked in both the private and the public sector, with experience in land development, fund-raising, health care and retail. He and his wife Karen have two boys – Jeffrey and Edmund. He currently enjoys working as a school bus driver.

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